Top 7 jewellery items you should have in 2020

best jwellery items

Hello, readers welcome back, I am here with yet another interesting topic which you all are going to love it. It is my most loved pieces and those are jewellery items that I can’t have enough of them. I am pretty sure you also share the same feeling as I do. These pieces of jewellery can just transform any of your outfits, it also enhances your look and can attract attention towards the outfit. I always get excited to buy new jewellery item which is trending and I love to experiment by mixing and matching it with multiple outfits.

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Invest in these lipsticks this winter season

best winter lipsticks

Hello my sweet readers, today I have come up with a very special topic which is the best winter lipsticks collection. As winters are approaching very soon so it also gives us the flexibility to experiment with dark lipstick shades. I am really excited to flaunt all my dark lipsticks which I have collected this year 😊. We all love lipsticks especially the darker ones as it instantly brightens your face even without any makeup just a lipstick does the magic. I just recollected my favourite series dialogue “Winter is Coming” so be prepared with your stock of lipsticks to show off 😊

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Calendula Essential Moisture Serum Review

Calendula Essential Moisture Serum Feature Image

Hello readers, Today I will be reviewing Calendula Essential Moisture Serum , the best serum for dry sensitive skin by Face Shop in this post which was recently launched. What are Serums? Serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to provide all nutrients directly to the skin, whereas moisturizers just stay above the skin. That’s why it is very important to use serums on a daily basis before applying moisturizers.
Calendula Essential Moisture Serum was newly launched when I picked it up and have been using it now for over a month to give you a proper review of its effects on the skin.
The Face Shop is a South-Korean brand so they can never go wrong with skin care products and this serum has lived up to that reputation.

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Why Parabens are bad for Skin & Hair?

You find “paraben-free” products everywhere, it might triggers the question What are parabens? Why it is so bad for the skin and hair? In today’s world where we are so concerned about what we eat and drink, no wonder we should be equally aware of the ingredients which we use in our skincare and haircare products which directly comes in contact with your skin.

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Masaba Nail Paint by Nykaa Review

Hello reader’s, Today I will be reviewing Masaba Nykaa Nail Paint in this post which was recently launched by Nykaa. What attracted me the most towards this range is similar shade range in Lipsticks and Nail Paints. It becomes just so easy to match both of them and just head out 😊
So, here I will be sharing a detailed review of two shades available in Masaba Nykaa Nail paint range.

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Masaba Lipsticks by Nykaa Review

Hello reader’s, Today I will be reviewing Masaba Nykaa Lipsticks in this post. It was recently launched in Nykaa creating much hype. The most interesting part about this range is, it comes in the same shade range for Lipsticks and Nail paints. So, if we are applying any Masaba Nail paint from this range it can be matched with similar Masaba Nykaa Lipsticks. This is the first time ever any brand has come up with this unique idea of the matching shade range for Lipstick and Nail paint as far as I know at least in India. So here I will be sharing a detailed review of two shades in Lipstick, available in this range.

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Reviving lives through hobbies

Each one of us have some or the other interests, it’s never possible that we do not possess any hobbies. We identify our liking very early on when we are young. Sometimes it may take time and sometimes it may also change over the period of time or there might be a few additions in your hobbies.
When we are young, we always make some time to do what we like but as we grow old, somehow, we get lost in our own lives, responsibilities and struggles and we end up having no time for our hobbies. Very few people manage to keep up with their hobbies for a lifetime, which I really look up to do myself. When you forget to practice hobbies or lose interest in it that is when you lose your happiness and enthusiasm in living your lives. You get stuck up in a boring routine with no energy and refreshment which does not make you happy, it makes your life more stressful. You don’t want to spend your entire life like this. We should know the benefits of hobbies and try to revive your life through it.

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Miniso Value for Money Products to Buy

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Miniso products are becoming famous recently because of the variety of stuff they bring for us in an affordable price range without cutting on quality. Their quality is super amazing, even though they come under affordable prices. They have many unique kinds of stuff which makes us crazy and it couldn’t stop me from picking up numerous items to fill up my whole bag. You get all types of items ranging from cosmetics, stationery, kitchenware, household items, bags, accessories to name a few. I will be sharing with you a detailed review of the products which are worth buying and value for money😊

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