About Me

You are thin
You are fat
You are tall
You are short
You are fair
You are dark
No matter the way you are
No matter what people say
You are not here to please anyone
So, love yourself & Stay Beautiful 😊

Here I have blogs related to skin care products review, beauty tips, makeup and will be sharing latest trends in fashion world. Since I like to follow all the ongoing trends in beauty and fashion world on daily basis, I will be sharing few of my thoughts on it. I am just any other normal girl, so these reviews, fashion and beauty tips are going to be for simplistic beauty which I truly believe in.

I have worked in an IT industry, but I found my real happiness in blogging, writing my real-life experiences and reading. I always loved being creative and wanted to do something in it. Stay tuned for skincare, beauty product reviews, fashion tips, and the bonus will be reading my real-life experiences through blogs.

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Stay Beautiful, Strong & Fearless.