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best winter lipsticks

Hello my sweet readers, today I have come up with a very special topic which is the best winter lipsticks collection. As winters are approaching very soon so it also gives us the flexibility to experiment with dark lipstick shades. I am really excited to flaunt all my dark lipsticks which I have collected this year 😊. We all love lipsticks especially the darker ones as it instantly brightens your face even without any makeup just a lipstick does the magic. I just recollected my favourite series dialogue “Winter is Coming” so be prepared with your stock of lipsticks to show off 😊

I own a lot of Maybelline Lipsticks as I am a big fan of these lipsticks, great quality lipsticks in a very reasonable price range. So even for the darker shades, I ended up picking 3 shades from Maybelline. These are the best Maybelline Lipstick shades for darker skin as well as for fair to medium skin tone. For Darker skin, it would be perfect everyday lipstick shades. Plus looking at the price range these lip shades are a great steal to buy.

1. Maybelline New York Colour Sensational the Loaded Bolds Lipstick – 09 Midnight Date

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All Maybelline lipsticks come in similar packaging with a slight variation. On similar lines, this lipstick also has a typical packaging with a purple colour cap which goes well with the shade. One of my favourite shades in this range. It has a creamy matte texture that does not dry out your lips. Darker shades of this range stay on for a really long time, this shade stays on easily for 7-8 hours. Eventually, it will start fading out after 4-5 hours and it will leave a stain on your lips which also looks pretty decent. It is very much pigmented and glides smoothly on your lips.

A bright berry plum colour which will give you a perfect bold shade and make you stand out. One of the best winter lipsticks for fair to medium skin tone and normal wear Maybelline lipstick shade for dark skin tone.

2. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick – Rich Ruby

Another must-have Maybelline lipstick in your collection. A beautiful red colour lipstick that is not too bright, but it will give you that sober red colour which will definitely make you stand out. Again, one of the best lipsticks for the winters and it will look stunning on newly brides. A perfect nude or everyday Maybelline lipstick shade for dark skin tone. It is a creamy matte lipstick that stays on for 4 to 5 hours and leaves behind a stain. Let’s rock this shade this season.

3. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick – Mesmerizing Magenta

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We have covered a berry plum shade and a red shade so one pink shade would complete your basic collection. So, here it is a perfect versatile pink shade which will look good in festivals as well as you can easily carry it off for an everyday look. A perfect everyday Maybelline lipstick shade for dark skin tone. Fair to medium skin tone can also carry out this lipstick pretty easily. For pink lipstick lovers, this is the one shade that you should definitely choose and you will not regret it at all. It gives you an understated yet classy, elegant look, do not think twice to get these shade girls.

Let’s explore a lipstick brand that is on a slightly cheaper side, but I really like their quality it is pretty decent. Normally for the shades which cannot be applied regularly or rather which are too bold, I try and stick to this range. And for the shades which I use regularly, I invest in a pricier brand. Still, I think this is also a good brand in the Indian market with great colour options.

4. Elle 18 Colour Pop Matte Lip Color – Berry Dance

This has a dark berry shade definitely a bold colour which cannot be used regularly. It has a very unique shade which really attracted me after applying, it instantly makes you stand out. Even though it has a matte formula, it is non-drying, glides on smoothly and stays for good 7-8 hours. These kinds of gothic shades are really in trend these days, so you should also try and keep on experimenting with these shades. Sometimes you might end up finding a particular shade that actually suites you and that is exactly what happened to me after applying this shade. So, Let’s keep on experimenting more and more to make your own best winter lipsticks collections.

I also wanted to include this unique shade in the collection, which is of a lighter shade, but I still think this will look good on you during winters. This is my first lipstick which I have tried from this brand and I really liked it. I will be trying out more shades from the brand in the future for sure.

5. SUGAR Its A-Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick – 07 The Twilight Rose

It has a peachy pink shade which is slightly on a lighter shade which makes it perfect to pull it off during the daytime. This is an apt shade for fair to medium skin tone while darker skin tone can give this a miss as it will wash you off. It has a velvety matte texture which I really like in a lipstick. Easily stays on for 4-5 hours without drying your lips. This will be my go-to lipstick during this winter season for sure.

And the last shade is from Nykaa which I absolutely adore. I Bought it in a mini version and I have already finished it so planning to buy the bigger version of it. Even you can follow the same technique if you just want to test any shade and quality of the product first. Buy the mini version if available and later go on to a bigger version for the same shade. But the only drawback is that the mini version comes with less quantity and a high price. Still, I went ahead to buy a mini version instead of investing on bigger version and regretting it later.

6. Nykaa Matte to Last! Mini Liquid Lipstick – Mishti 10

This is a very unique shade and I really wanted this kind of shade from a pretty long time. It is a pink and red mix shade which really makes it an exceptional shade. It is a must-have shade as it will look flattering on all skin tones. As this is a liquid lipstick it can be a little drying on your lips so better apply lip balm before applying this lipstick. When applied it might look a little shiny initially, but after drying it will give you a perfect matte finish and it also stays on for good 7-8 hours. A must-have shade in your best winter lipstick collection without a doubt.

Closing Words

Girls cannot have enough lipsticks; we all will agree to it. People do consider the time, venue and outfit for selection of a Lipstick but I feel even the season should be kept in mind for selecting a lip shade as some shades look good in only a particular season. So, I have shared my best winter lipsticks collection for this winter season. I will also share my Summer season collections soon when it starts. Till then enjoy and flaunt these lip shades for this winter season. And also, do share your favourite lip shades so that I can also try them out.

Best Winter Lipsticks Swatches
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Stay Happy, Stay Beautiful, and also remember “Winter is Coming” 😊😊

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