Masaba Lipsticks by Nykaa Review

Hello reader’s, Today I will be reviewing Masaba Nykaa Lipsticks in this post. It was recently launched in Nykaa creating much hype. The most interesting part about this range is, it comes in the same shade range for Lipsticks and Nail paints. So, if we are applying any Masaba Nail paint from this range it can be matched with similar Masaba Nykaa Lipsticks. This is the first time ever any brand has come up with this unique idea of the matching shade range for Lipstick and Nail paint as far as I know at least in India. So here I will be sharing a detailed review of two shades in Lipstick, available in this range.

Product Description

It is the first ever beauty collection from Masaba Gupta in collaboration with Nykaa. It comes in 12 shades of velvet matte Masaba Lipsticks specially designed for Indian skin tone.

Following are the 12 shades available in this Range: –

  • Rawr
  • Cool guy
  • Nimbu pani
  • Buzz kill
  • Face palm
  • You croc my world
  • Touch me not
  • Kale-ing me softly
  • Femme fatale
  • Wild for you
  • Can’t deal

Rawr & Face Palm Masaba Nykaa Lipsticks

I really loved all the names given in this range. In this blog I will be reviewing Rawr and Face Palm Masaba Nykaa Lipsticks.

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It comes in really cute, quirky outer and inner packaging with prints of tiger and face palm displaying the colour of the shades on it. The actual lipsticks body is very lightweight since its cap is made from cardboard material which is a very smart idea. Each lipstick has a different design with colour shade on it which makes it easy to identify.


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It has a velvety smooth matte texture which is not at all drying on your lips and also very comfortable on the lips. It is not an ultra-matte kind of lipsticks but its neither too glossy as well, which leaves a sheen on the lips so it’s a perfect midway which I personally like since I am not a fan of ultra-matte lipsticks at all.



It has a sweet chocolatey mild fragrance which will linger for a while. It is not at all overpowering, so you will not mind it at all, in fact, you will love it.


Rawr Masaba Lipstick

It is the perfect peachy brown nude shade for everyday use. Its staying power is around 4-5 hour without drying the lips. It leaves a stain on the lips after a few hours, which looks decent instead of going off completely. It will suit fair to medium skin tone well.

Product Shade Claims

Not all girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Some are made of adventure, fire, desire and no fear. This shade celebrates all women who are ferocious and fearlessly themselves! (reference: nykaa)
And it surely fits the description.

Face Palm Masaba Lipstick

A perfect neutral tone pink shade for everyday use. It’s an undertone pink which is not too flashy so can be worn daily without showing off much. It also stays around 4-5 hours without drying the lips. This will suit all skin tones perfectly.

Product Shade Claims

This neutral tone pink shade is as classic as it gets. This one is for the born leader, accepting nothing less than what she deserves.(reference: nykaa)


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For 4.2 g product quantity, it costs Rs. 599 which is a fairly decent price looking at the packaging, product quality, and quantity.


  • Velvety matte finish
  • Non-drying on the lips
  • Shades suitable for Indian Skin Tone
  • Cute quirky packaging
  • Light weight body
  • Travel friendly


  • Pricier side
  • Not for Ultra Matte Lipstick lovers
Overall Rating

Folks, that’s all for this blog, hope you enjoyed the review and the swatches of Masaba Nykaa Lipsticks also do share if you own any of the shade from this range and share your thoughts with us 😊

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