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Miniso products are becoming famous recently because of the variety of stuff they bring for us in an affordable price range without cutting on quality. Their quality is super amazing, even though they come under affordable prices. They have many unique kinds of stuff which makes us crazy and it couldn’t stop me from picking up numerous items to fill up my whole bag. You get all types of items ranging from cosmetics, stationery, kitchenware, household items, bags, accessories to name a few. I will be sharing with you a detailed review of the products which are worth buying and value for money😊

1. Perfumes & Deodorants:

Perfumes are the most value for money Miniso products as they have very classy fragrances which stay for a long time and are affordable too. So, I couldn’t resist myself and I ended up buying two perfumes and one deo.

British Pear Lady Perfume:

A very high-end fragrance in a very affordable price range. It has a cute small glass bottle which is transparent. It is a 30 ml bottle that can be carried anywhere, making it travel-friendly. A fruity floral smell that is perfect to wear at day time and instantly refreshes you. The top note consists of Pear/Apple, Lychee, Citrus/Hesperidic. Middle Note consists of Freesia, Peony, Transparent floral and Base Notes are Musky, Amber, Patchouly. Stays on for a very long time.

Shine Perfume Iceland Aurora:

A cute lavender colour glass bottle which is transparent with a textured paper at the back changing the entire look of the bottle. It is a 50 ml bottle priced at Rs. 460 and has a shelf life of about 3 years. A floral fragrance that is very delicate and mild and will linger around without being overpowering. I love floral fragrances, so this one is by far my favourite fragrances I have come across. Loved this bottle, so I will be preserving this bottle, even after finishing it up 😊. This perfume also stays on for a long time.

Miniso Perfumes: Shine Perfume Iceland Aurora 
Miniso Perfumes: British Pear Lady Perfume

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Unique Deodorant Body Spray Brilliant:

This comes in a lavender colour spray bottle with 150 ml quantity and priced at R.s 150. Again, it’s one of the value for money miniso products since its fragrance is top-notch and comes under an affordable price range. It’s a floral smell, a little overboard doesn’t come in the mild category, not that it will suffocate you and the people around, but just in the right proportion. The best part is it’s a Non gas deodorant, so the fragrance stays on the body for a long time making it perfect for daily use. A cruelty-free product not tested on animals, again a plus for me.

Miniso Deodorant: Unique

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2. Cosmetic Usage Cotton Pads

We need tons of makeup remover cotton pads on a daily basis, which really becomes heavy on the pocket. Miniso has wide range of cotton pads to select from and they are quite affordable too. So, I really stock them up whenever I visit the store 😊. They are super comfortable on the skin. They are very hygienic to use on the skin instead of using normal cotton and the other cotton pads are way too costly so this becomes a very good option to use. It can also be used for dabbing or patting your toner into your skin. Cotton pads has a mesh uneven surface which becomes best for makeup removal.

Miniso Pink Cotton Pads

3. Miniso Pittura Nail Paint

I wanted to try their Nail Paint so got one of them in glitter variant. I won’t say they are very good in quality but neither they are too bad. Those who don’t like investing so much on nail paints, you can get hands-on these nail paints since in this price range they are a good option to try. It retails for Rs. 90 for 9ml product quantity, but I would say they are better than the Elle 18 nail paints which come in a similar price range. The shade which I got is Copper Pink no. 18 and it’s a beautiful everyday shade.

Miniso Pittura Nail Polish

4. Passport Cover

There are plenty of options available for purses, pouches, wallets in various sizes, makeup storage bags and organizers. Their colours and designs are super trendy, cute and unique which you won’t get in any other brands. But the one which caught my eye was a passport holder cover again very cute colour and design in an affordable price range so I had to grab this one for sure.

Miniso Passport Cover
Miniso Passport Cover

5. Neck Pillow

They are known to be super cozy, soft and snugly soft toys and pillows. The U-shaped neck pillow is one of the popular Miniso products in there and they are super cuddly and cute. This is one of the best options to buy a pillow for travelling purpose, because the comfort it provides is to die for.

Miniso Neck Pillow

6. Foldable mirror

I also got this unique shell-shaped foldable mirror which is very easy to carry. One of the best mirror quality which I have come across. It can be used daily for applying makeup or just for touch-ups. A must-have in your makeup bag for sure.

Miniso Foldable Mirror
Miniso Foldable Mirror

These were the above Miniso products options that I tried out this time, but I am pretty sure I will be trying out their other items soon since I was mesmerized by the variety of unique items they provide. I will be sharing my experiences soon after visiting this store again, which I am sure will be soon. Till then do visit them at least once. Bye 😊


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