Reviving lives through hobbies

Each one of us have some or the other interests, it’s never possible that we do not possess any hobbies. We identify our liking very early on when we are young. Sometimes it may take time and sometimes it may also change over the period of time or there might be a few additions in your hobbies.
When we are young, we always make some time to do what we like but as we grow old, somehow, we get lost in our own lives, responsibilities and struggles and we end up having no time for our hobbies. Very few people manage to keep up with their hobbies for a lifetime, which I really look up to do myself. When you forget to practice hobbies or lose interest in it that is when you lose your happiness and enthusiasm in living your lives. You get stuck up in a boring routine with no energy and refreshment which does not make you happy, it makes your life more stressful. You don’t want to spend your entire life like this. We should know the benefits of hobbies and try to revive your life through it.

There is multiple health, mental and emotional benefits of hobbies few of them I have listed below.

Benefits of hobbies

When life pulls you down hobbies will always make sure you stand up again
  1. Happiness:- When you do things which you like, it gives you a lot of happiness which we always crave for. Hobbies are the only thing which you want to do, no one is ever going to instruct you or force you to do it, this will give you a feeling of loving yourself by doing what you like. The outcome will give you a sense of self-worth.

  2. Easier dealing with Stress and Tension: – Everyone is dealing with some or the other tensions and stress in life and practising hobbies will help you reduce it. After all hobbies for stress relief is the best option which will bring you out of your monotonous life with some refreshment and new energy within you.

  3. Meditation: – Doing things which you like will give you similar benefits of meditation in your body. It will bring peace in your life and will also give you self-satisfaction which is very important.

  4. Control of your thoughts: – Since your mind is always preoccupied with thoughts, doing some creative things will have control of your thoughts. You will stop thinking about unnecessary things and the things which make you unhappy.

  5. Sense of achievement and Confidence: – If you do things on your own with passion you are bound to achieve something from it. Even the feeling of doing it is an achievement which in turn boosts your self-confidence automatically.

  6. Health benefits: – There are various health benefits of hobbies as mentioned above it acts as stress relievers and reduces tensions. Also, scientifically it has proven that hobbies show many health benefits. One of the cases is chronic Asthma patients are advised to learn singing, since it teaches you to control your breath which is very beneficial for curing Asthma.

  7. Connecting with similar interests’ People: –You can connect with similar interest people and build a group to work together. Also sharing your thoughts within the group will be a great social bonding for you.

For me personally hobbies have been a very crucial part of my life, it has always been my saviour in difficult times. From my school days onwards, I use to love reading books and I use to borrow them from my school library. So, whenever I used to feel stressed, I use to start reading a book which use to help me a lot. Till my college, I managed to maintain reading as my hobby later on because of few reasons and plus because of my negligence I kind of left reading which I plan to start soon again. Later on, I found my passion in writing and since then I have been able to maintain it on a smaller scale and will definitely expand it on a larger scale in near future.

When I write something It gives me self-satisfaction, motivation and also happiness which is very important. Also, I like doing few art and craft work occasionally. I have a weird habit of cleaning all things, whether it’s my house or my surrounding it gives me a sense of satisfaction and relief after doing it, but because of this habit people around me get stressed as I don’t allow them to make a mess later on. Doing shopping or just browsing through online stuff also in one of my stress busters, I guess majority of the girls do have this habit and we are for sure guilty of doing it, but can’t help it.

There are various ways in which you can find your passion and the things which you like. For a few people it might be easier to identify your hobbies, but for a few it might be difficult to find. Here I am listing down few options which will help you to identify your hobbies

How to identify your hobbies

Surround yourself with what you love
  1. List down things you like: –First of all you can start with listing down all the things which you like. Then you can start practising one by one to find your comfort level and passion in a particular thing which you want to continue doing. This is the easiest way to find or identify your hobbies.

  2. Ask your Friends and Parents: –If the above thing is not working for you then you can involve your parents and closest friends in this exercise because they are the one who know us sometimes better than we do. They will surely know what you are good at and can help you identify your hobbies.

  3. Explore a few of your options: – You need to keep exploring many options time and again. It’s not necessary that you may like doing same thing always, you might want to do multiple things which will give you happiness. It may also happen that with time you may start liking something else. There is no any hard and fast rule where you have to stick to only one thing. And for few people doing the same thing again and again can make them feel bored, so it always helps if you are doing two or three things alternatively to give you the freshness and enthusiasm needed to do it.

Most importantly, do not give up practising any hobby at any point of time. I try to manage my time somehow to explore my hobbies. I agree, sometimes it is very difficult to find time because of numerous reasons, but even if there was a break resume it again no matter what. For me mostly doing the same things every day is a repetitive task, so I end up exploring my creativity in my hobbies which is a very important factor for me.
Listing down a few of the points for consistency in your hobbies: –

Be consistent with your hobbies

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive
  1. Practice on a regular basis:- Always try to practice your hobbies on a regular basis to keep your creativity alive. It will give you the energy and freshness needed in your life and will bring you out of the monotonous life.

  2. Manage your Time: –You will need to manage and find some time from your day to day activities to do things for yourself which you like.

  3. Collaborate with people having similar interests: – If you tend to lose interest try collaborating with people having similar interests which will keep your motivation alive or you can try to do things together to keep up the momentum.

  4. Concentration & Patience: – For completing any task, whether it’s a hobby or any work you need concentration and a lot of patience, so surely you will learn to keep these things alive within you.

Practising hobby is not a rule to be followed, neither anyone is going to force you to do it. Unlike work, it is you who are going to decide whether you want to do it or not. Looking at today’s lifestyle, in which we are living in, it has become necessary to do some creative stuff. Benefits of hobbies are tremendous in your body, health, mind and soul. You will be doing it for yourself and not for anyone else, but in this process, you might help people. Do not stop from your hobbies, whatever may be the outcome, since this not a competition or an exam where you will be compared with anyone or judged. It gives you that free space to do things without being judged by anyone or anything.

So, let’s bring out our Creativity to revive our lives filled with content and happiness.

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