Top 7 jewellery items you should have in 2020

best jwellery items

Hello, readers welcome back, I am here with yet another interesting topic which you all are going to love it. It is my most loved pieces and those are jewellery items that I can’t have enough of them. I am pretty sure you also share the same feeling as I do. These pieces of jewellery can just transform any of your outfits, it also enhances your look and can attract attention towards the outfit. I always get excited to buy new jewellery item which is trending and I love to experiment by mixing and matching it with multiple outfits.

Since I am completely a jewellery fan from my school days, a few of my earrings I had bought while I was in school, and I still store it properly and use them. Investing in good jewellery pieces is always a good choice since it can be used for a long time if it is kept properly. I usually prefer to keep them well organized and properly wrapped in cotton and plastic bags which definitely increases its longevity.

Let’s start with the list of jewellery items that are currently in trend these days and everyone should invest in them.

1. Oxidized earrings

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Oxidized earrings are in trend for a while now and will continue to be in the coming years too. I personally love them so much that I will keep on wearing them no matter where the trend shifts.

It seems as if they were made for Indians as it compliments the Indian outfit way too well. These are usually in silver colour which gives a rustic look, but it also comes in gold colour these days. Plain gold, silver earrings or paired with multicolour beads are the best pick as it will go with any outfit. If you want to match specific colours then invest in Red, pink, green and pastel colours which you can easily mix and match with any outfit.

There are many quirky designs these days in oxidized earrings which kind of adds fun to your outfit do check them out.

2. Silver and gold jhumki

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These are an evergreen pair of earrings which can never go out of fashion. So, investing in these pieces will always be a smart choice. They come in multiple shapes, sizes with different work. Be it mirror work or stonework all look stunning. It can be paired with dresses, sarees, and Kurtis. It also looks good if you are going for a bohemian look.

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3. Stud and hoop earrings for everyday use

rose gold stud earrings

For everyday use, I usually prefer small stud earrings with stones. These give you a classy minimal look which I prefer for everyday use. Invest in rose gold, gold and silver studs and you are all sorted for your everyday look. I usually prefer white stones but I do have some multicolour and light pink shades to match with any outfit. Do try out hoop earrings with diamonds on it, these are comfortable to wear plus looks really good, I have tons of them. This definitely is a must-have jewellery item for all women out there.


4. Imitation diamond and Stone finger rings

imitation diamond ring

Now many might have used big ethnic finger rings in parties and festivals, but unfortunately, I don’t like those pairs of rings. Even for functions and parties I normally go with my usual small diamond finger rings. Even if I do need a big ring I go for a big diamond or stone rings. I am not talking about original diamond rings girls, it’s way too costly, but you will get really good quality imitation rings online I have purchased a few from there. These rings look elegant and stylish can be matched with any outfit and it can never go out of fashion.

5. Pairs of bracelets

Get your hands on these pairs of bracelets which have a minimal design. These are trending like fire these days. It looks good on any outfit be it jeans, dresses or kurta you can never go wrong with it. Plus, you can mix and match with different pairs of bracelets or can be worn simply one at a time it shows great versatility. Many people team it up with a watch which also looks stylish. Get them as soon as possible I love them so much that I simply wear it on a daily basis these days.


You can also gift your spouse these pairs of couple bracelets which have lovely quotes written on it and wear them together on special events.

couple bracelets

6. Nose pin

oxidized nose pins

Here I am talking about oxidized nose pins which really compliments our Indian features, so why not leverage it. Those who don’t have a nose piercing done press nose pins are the best option for them like me. It will surely enhance your look if worn on sarees and kurtas. There are plenty of unique designs and sizes, these days, which you can keep on experimenting to know your best suite.

7. Toe rings

oxidized toe ring

One of the jewellery items which married women have to wear on a regular basis is a Toe ring. There are many varieties out there, I personally go with oxidized ones again since I love them. Moreover, oxidized ones are comfortable to wear as they have smooth edges others have sharp edges which really hurt our toes so better to stay away from them. There are plenty of design options to choose from, so please do invest in these types of toe ring this coming year for sure.

Jewellery item is one such accessory that we truly love and shop a lot on the go. Sometimes we pick up so many things or items in excitement, but eventually, we do not use them and it just adds to your clutter resulting in wastage of money. I would suggest you to smartly invest in fewer quality items instead of buying cheaper ones so, that it can be used for a longer period of time and plus it will look good on you. Also, keep in mind to invest in versatile pieces that can be worn with different outfits and would help in creating multiple looks.

Jewellery items can make your dress look good or it can also make it look bad, so choose and style them wisely. And remember, overuse can destroy the look so be cautious while pairing your jewellery items.

See you soon with more such interesting topics till then
Stay Beautiful and Stay Strong.

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